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Picked Digital is one of the best data-driven digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh. We provide a wide range of digital marketing services to help businesses grow and succeed online.

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About Our Company

Take Your Business To A New Era With Picked Digital

Have you heard of the magical wand that brings you whatever you wish for? Believe it, Picked Digital is something just like that.

Online business strategies are always evolving. It’s quite difficult to have a hand at the pace unless you have an expert at your help. Picked Digital is the fuel that you have been missing in your business.

Starting in 2020, we have helped hundreds of businesses to achieve their goals.

Whether website building or online presence, you will get your hook into everything if you take our help.

Since 2020, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming Bangladesh's best data- driven digital marketing agency. Not only in Bangladesh, we have worked in Ireland, the USA, and other mentionable countries, where we have presented clients with an astonishing impact.

about us

Our History

Our path from a fledgling company to a market powerhouse is a tribute to the spirit and innovation that are necessary to create a successful firm from scratch. We started back in 2020 when we had our online firm only.

Since then, we have expanded at an unprecedented rate. Now, we can proudly share that we have had the honor of working with clients from all over the world to develop compelling. So, we decided to expand our horizons and give everyone the opportunity to have the best services online.

With the intention of sharing our dedication, tenacity, and creativity that helps small firms achieve their goals and grow into market leaders, we have introduced our presence both physically and online.

Helping our clients succeed has been our top priority from the start, and it remains one of our primary motivators as we go into the future.

What Does Picked Digital Offer?

We cancel out the phrase jack of all trades, master of none. Because at Picked Digital, you will find multiple teams working for individual areas at your service. We have the jack of all trades who also master everything.

When you work with us, you're not simply receiving a cookie-cutter answer; you're tapping into a team of specialists who can quickly and easily adjust to meet your specific requirements.

Development To Marketing: Everything Is Here!

We can get all kinds of services that your website requires, like website building, software development, website design, and, most importantly, digital marketing.

Our experts can establish a strong presence on your website through digital marketing services, including SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, Pinterest marketing, email marketing, and content writing.

We're An Energetic Team Of Ingenious, Hard-Working Individuals

We are a dynamic group of multitalented, industrious people who understand the need to combine cutting-edge technology with innovative approaches to digital marketing. Since our beginning, our team has been known to think out of the box and impress clients with extraordinary ideas.

Award-winning web designers, content writers, digital marketers, and growth hackers- all make up the dynamic team at Picked Digital. We work with businesses of various shapes and sizes across a wide range of sectors, from IT to healthcare to law to government.

Our Mission

As we have started as a small company, we know how much worse the struggle can get in this competitive era. We started with the goal to help companies, not just in Bangladesh but all around the world.

Every company, no matter how little or large, deserves the chance to succeed in today's digital economy. Therefore, we are constantly working hard to make everyone’s dream come true and give meaning to their efforts.


Picked Digital dreams of a future where no company is lagging due to the fear of competition. We foresee a world where every idea is getting the wings to fly. So, we want to be the flagbearer of your revolutionary transformation forward by providing innovative approaches and relentless pursuit of quality.

Why Choose Us

We get how difficult it is to choose one marketing solution from all the growing companies. But we have some valid reasons why we call ourselves the best.

  • Original Thought

    Our team is always thinking a step ahead and doing what competitors don't even think of doing. We craft compelling strategies tailored to your business to help you stand out in the digital world.

  • You Are A Priority

    You, the customer, are crucial to how we operate. Before our interests, we keep in mind that your success is the most important thing while doing any project.

  • Open Communication

    We don’t play around the bush. Instead, we keep everything transparent and let you know exactly what we are doing and what you will gain from this.

  • Adaptable

    We don’t stick to the same old principles while creating the plan. The team thinks ahead and is always in touch with the ongoing trends, so we keep our methods fresh and unique.

Why Choose Us
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Our commitment to offer the best help has expanded its horizon from the physical world to the online world, so why would you lag?

If you don’t want to stay in the same zone, contact us. Our team is waiting to hear your demands.

You can reach us at 01318578454 or email us at pickeddigitalm@gmail.com. Picked Digital is waiting to be a part of your success.