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How To Get More Organic Traffic With Pinterest

If you don’t already know- when compared to other social media sites, Pinterest users are more likely to make a purchase after seeing something they like. So, why aren’t people talking about this more? The answer is, maybe some are gatekeeping this!

If you are considering Pinterest to change your marketing game, you need to know how to get more organic traffic with Pinterest. Some proven tactics are to create engaging pins that catch attention, be detailed and keyword-rich in your profile summary, proper keyword implementation in your pin’s description and board title and remain consistent.

However, that’s not all. We have dived deeper into this and found out some amazing tips. Let’s get to know what’s inside!

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is appealing to companies and people seeking to increase traffic and online visibility. If you are unaware of this golden duck, you must know that Pinterest is known to be one of the most profitable social platforms to market your business for several reasons. Such as:

High Purchase Intent: 47% of Pinterest users buy straight on the platform. Pinterest is great for e-commerce and product advertising since it has higher buy intent than Facebook (15%) and Instagram (11%).

Impressive Website Traffic: Pinterest receives 880 million monthly visits, 34% of which are from the US. As the 40th most popular site worldwide, it has great exposure and interaction potential, thus you can expect a good ROI if you work strategically.

Pinterest has quadrupled its user base in three years to 175 million, signaling ongoing growth and a large audience to reach.

Good Exposure: Research shows that Pinterest gets 52% of its traffic from search engines, indicating good SEO. Overall, Pinterest and its pins and boards score well in search results.

Effective Purchase Planning: 93% of active users use Pinterest to plan a purchase, demonstrating its potential for organizations seeking to influence buyers.

That’s why Picked Digital always encourages clients to take Pinterest marketing to increase their visibility. We help to make your online presence more fruitful through the best Pinterest marketing service.

Why Is Pinterest Renowned For Driving Blog Traffic?

Many bloggers are now considering Pinterest as a great lure to attract more blog traffic. We must say that Pinterest is great for blog traffic for various reasons.

1. Visual Appeal And Discovery

The first thing that catches people’s eyes when it comes to Pinterest is the visually attractive pins. It’s easier to make pins with interesting graphics and photos to attract viewers. The click rate will be higher, and if you can summarize your content properly, your blog will have more views.

2. Recurring Material

Pinterest supports evergreen material, unlike other social media networks where information can soon get buried. You don’t have to worry about your content getting outdated because it might get attention for weeks, months, or even years after being pinned. Blogs benefit from this durability since the material typically remains relevant.

3. Compatible With SEO

Optimizing your pins with keywords and descriptions can boost your blog’s Pinterest and Google rankings. If you want to rank higher on Google, Pinterest can effectively help you gain that. Organic blog traffic can increase with this twofold SEO benefit.

4. More Exposure

Your content may become viral if Pinterest users save and share pins. When a user saves your pin to their boards, their followers may view and interact with it. Viral pins help to quickly boost blog visitors. Engaging with Pinterest may boost blog traffic and visibility.

5. Analytics And Insights

Pinterest has powerful analytics capabilities to track pin and board success. Therefore, you can calculate which pins your audience likes, improving your content strategy and traffic.

How Does Organic Traffic Work On Pinterest?

Pinterest has a unique organic traffic model, making it great for companies. Pinterest’s unique qualities set it apart in digital marketing.

On Pinterest, users typically want to find new ideas and content. Therefore, they manually search for stuff that helps them to find new ideas, arrange an event, or solve an issue. Users can save, remember, and use the ideas while increasing your brand traffic.

The best thing about Pinterest is that it doesn’t care whether you have a lot of followers or not. The main thing that matters here is the interaction of your pin and especially repins. Repinned pins appear higher in search results. The quality and appeal of shared material are prioritized over follower count.

Therefore, Pinterest’s organic traffic relies on impressions. More impressions mean more potential impressions for a pin. This makes Pinterest a place where content may grow naturally.

How To Get More Organic Traffic With Pinterest? 10 Tips To Go

The first thing to consider while targeting to get more organic traffic on Pinterest is to be relevant and consistent. Therefore, here are 10 tips that experts suggest to grow your organic traffic:

  1. Create Eye-Catching Pins: The visual appeal matters the most in terms of Pinterest. Vertical pins with clear photos and intelligible text are eye-catching. Therefore, you need to always create eye-catching pins that capture attention.
  2. Keyword Optimization: Use keywords in pin descriptions, titles, and board names to boost Pinterest and search engine visibility. Improve your pins’ discoverability on Pinterest and in search engines by including appropriate keywords.
  3. Pin Consistently: Maintaining an active and interested audience requires consistent pinning. Make use of time-management resources in order to present yourself regularly. Consistency is the key to success in gaining more organic traffic when it comes to Pinterest.
  4. Create Rich Pins: Make sure your site supports rich pins by enabling them. They add depth and insight, making your writing more engaging and useful to the reader.
  5. Use Pinterest SEO: Take advantage of Pinterest’s search engine optimization by concentrating on keywords and user intent. Include pertinent keywords in your profile’s optimization and keywords that match the search intent.
  6. Participate: Interact with other users by liking, commenting, and replying to their pins. Getting involved with the Pinterest community and forming connections there can boost your profile’s exposure.
  7. Cross-promote: Promote your Pinterest board by posting links to it on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages and in your email newsletters. You should push your current audience to become Pinterest followers.
  8. Expand Your Content: Spread out your content promotion beyond just product mentions. Spread the word by publishing niche-related lifestyle articles, guides, and inspiring thoughts. The more you create helpful content and ideas, the more likely you are to be good in organic traffic.
  9. Visual storytelling: Use visual storytelling by leading users on an adventure via your pins. This might pique the interest of your listeners. Besides, try to make the front image as descriptive as possible, but not boring.
  10. Pin During Peak Hours: You should only post when your audience is more active on the platform. Weekends and nights are often the most popular times to get together. You need to check out the insights to get the exact time of posting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Pinterest good for organic traffic?

Pinterest is a great tool for attracting organic visitors. The platform's visual search engine and user intent-driven approach make it a promising place for first-stage discovery with a large unpaid audience.

Can you boost organic posts on Pinterest?

Pinterest does not provide standard post boosting like other social media sites. Strategic pin optimization, pin consistency, and audience interaction, however, can increase organic reach.

Does Pinterest increase SEO?

When it comes to search engine optimization, Pinterest may have a knock-on effect by boosting backlinks, website traffic, and brand awareness. Search engine rankings for content may also be improved by optimizing pins with pertinent keywords.

Is Pinterest good for backlinks?

You may use Pinterest to build backlinks by participating in collaborative boards or by putting links to your website inside the pin descriptions. Although it shouldn't be relied on exclusively, it may be a part of your backlink strategy.

Wrapping Up

Knowing how to get more organic traffic with Pinterest can be a real game-changer. At Picked Digital, we always prioritize different methods to increase organic traffic, and Pinterest is the best tactic out of all. If you want to include this in your plan, you should try the expert Pinterest marketing service.